Iguana Cafe

European Cafe, Creperie and Lounge. Serving crepes, pasta, sandwiches and cocktails at a relaxing European pace.

(...) where we are pleased to provide you with Chicago's most authentic European experience both in terms of taste & ambiance.

The first Iguana Cafe was founded in 1998 in Sparta, Greece. In 2000, we relocated to Chicago. Since that time, we strive daily to provide our valued clientele with the flavors and the true feel of Europe. We do so through our fresh, high-quality and flavorful menu and through our relaxed atmosphere and décor.

Whether you want to indulge in a cappuccino, a glass of wine, or something from our robust food menu, we aim to consistently please you and we are confident you will never find yourself disappointed. Simply put, we are here to serve you and make you happy. Thank you for your years of support and your continued trust. Looking forward to many more.